Brand new ways of buying products in today’s world – opportunieties and dificulties

przez | 2 września 2023
Many people like to purchase products, specially clothes, by the Global Web, nevertheless there are a few who prefer go to the ordinary shop and see these goods on their own eyes. There is another method of purchasing things, you may go to the shop, select the product you need in the catalogue and wait for a couple of minutes to pick up your goods.

In many European states this shopping system goes quite nice, however for people from other countries this solution is strange and from time to time uncomfortable. For eastern and central-eastern Europeans it is normal to touch item before purchasing it, to check it workmanship and quality, even if it is a little pillow or a converlet. For a large number of them this kind of chacking is just part of their way of thinking. In Asia, especially in Japan have been created places with Touchscreens, where we can choose items by pressing a picture of it. Then all of the chosen goods are complited in order and given to the buyer. On the one hand it is an otstanding idea, because we are certain that only a few shop workers have touched our goods.


Autor: Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious

On the other hand we can’t truly decide which specific product we want to have (there are differences even between two apples of the one kind). The same difficulty is with vehicles for example custom bicycles. We could have the whole specification of the item on the website, but still we need to see it and if we want to buy an expensive equipment like custom single speed bikes or mountain bicycles for a long yourneys we need to verify the product – read on. Naturally we could send it back to the seller in specific time, but it can be stressful. Many times it is better to go to the shop or an organisation and purchase or order a particular model or check it in shop and just order a different colour. Cars, custom bicycles, boats and other a very expensive equipment or particular one (like custom single speed bikes – -> click) is better to buy in traditional way.

Purchasing things through the Internet will be increasing, however still it is right to go to the common shop, talk to workers or owner and, what is the most significant, see real products not only their image. It is a fantastic idea to take your friends for this shopping, just for advice.