Do you know, who is projecting your mobile freeware?

przez | 28 czerwca 2023
At the moment, most of the people in Poland, mostly young ones, have any device, thanks to which they are able to connect with the network. It may be laptop, tablet or even TV set.

But right now, in most of the situations, we’re using our smart phones for Internet. There are many companies, which are designing new applications for our devices, every day.
Do you ever heard about Software House International? This is type of firm which is providing IT services. It main quarter is in England, UK, but several years ago, it create it agency in our country. Since this several years, Polish agency develop much, becoming one of really important IT companies on the domestic market. They are providing a lot sorts of services about software house international. You may order a bespoke software in there or ask for managed services. But most of the situations, specialists of Software House International are responsible for mobile apps. They are creating entire new software for many companies, which are manufacturing devices, which later you could buy.
SHI in Poland is a back office for English company . This is about, that mobile developers, that are very important members of the team, are no longer employed in London, but in Warsaw. Their CEO from UK are sending them tasks, and they are working on that. UK quarter now is wasting much less money for salary, cause Polish professionals are not earning as much as British. But even for mobile developers in Poland it is nice, cause they have a chance to get job of their dreams, nice salary and every social benefits they want.

Autor: heipei
When we’re using one, easy app, usually we have no idea how many people were laboring for it.

SHI is some of the biggest IT firms in Poland (read more dental clinic poland) right now, and they are collaborating with plenty important mobile device’s manufacturers. This is all thanks to idea, to create a branch of English brand, exactly in Poland.