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Employee time tracking – good application for supervisor

Having a business in twenty-first century does not mean being at the desk in the crowded office. 21st c. brings lots new possibilities and opportunities in running corporation, including remotely running corporation which can be a large novelty of the century. In these points in time, in the era of the Internet everybody is able to work from any place the employee wants. Nevertheless, here raises the question – how to assess the employee’s work fairly?
There are basically 2 methods.

You wish to arrange an overhaul in your home? Hire contractors

When we’re owner of a big building, we’re the lucky people. We’ve perhaps big garden just for ourselves, in witch we could arrange a barbecue. Beside, we aren’t disturbing by any noise from the another houses, cause another tenants are distant. But unfortunately, owning a house have also flaws. The most relevant, is fact, that we have to arrange serious overhauls every dozen years, and we’ve to pay for it from our pocket. What to do to make it not so costly? Do we must to hire a qualified laborers?